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Featured in Unsealed 4x4 we have another three articles to set you on the straight and narrow when it comes to looking after your canvas, your auto box and yourself.

Maybe not the most exciting of all guides, but you an certainly save some decent cash by looking after your canvas. We go through 8 steps to keep it it top shape when out and about and packed up at home.

How many auto drivers are there out there? I am and I love it. Have a read of this newest article to find out what makes them so damn good off road and how to keep them in tip-top shape!

And last but not least; how do you shower when you’re off the grid? The Companion Aquad Cube Li is a great addition to anyones touring kit. Hot, reliable and built tough, its happy to go the miles with you.

You can check each of these articles out in issue 34 of Unsealed 4x4 or by clicking the links above. Questions? Comments? Feel free to get in contact!

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